April 2015 Poem a Day — Day 20

My Assignment: the Facilitator
(terza rima with apologies to Shelley and Lovelace and Schenck)

O wild administrator whose clarion voice
blew deep in my ear to assign me the chore
of facilitating discussion (without a choice

in the matter), the tone of your high-pitched trumpet, more
piercing than rumbling drum-roll, caught me napping.
Like Althea’s imprisoned lover I’m tangled to the core

not in curly ringlets, but in reams of flapping
paper, scores of colored pens for marking,
fingers fettered to keyboard, eyes snapping

twixt textbook and laptop for snippets worth remarking
on. How astute was a former colleague to advise
me, “Simply say ‘No.’ Cease embarking

on assignments you don’t want to do. Be wise.”

Marian O’Brien Paul


About marianobrienpaul

Poet, aspiring novelist, teacher, mother, grandmother, world traveler (lived in Turkey 3 years and then taught at Cukurova U there under Fulbright program for one year; lived on northwest coast of Co. Mayo Ireland for half a year), advocate for the mentally ill.
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