Day 26 of the April Poem a Day Challenge.

Using some of the words coined by Shakespeare found at and one (incarnadined) from The Shakespeare Key. Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke. Shakespeare’s words are italicized.


Incarnadined Dawn
(with apologies to Shakespeare who’s likely
rolling over in his grave at my desecration!)

Earth as if blushing at dawn’s first touch
is hidden beneath a flimsy layer of cloud
incarnadined by flames of the rising sun.

Vaulting barefaced star, groping our planet
intending bloody savagery, your act flawed
because solid granite’s nature is inanimate.

Yet submerged beneath earth’s crust
smolders molten lava probing the mantle
that impedes volcanic outbreak’s fiery gust.

Perhaps like calls to like and the radiance
that generously blankets our morning world
is drawn to changes in temperature gradients.

Marian O’Brien Paul


About marianobrienpaul

Poet, aspiring novelist, teacher, mother, grandmother, world traveler (lived in Turkey 3 years and then taught at Cukurova U there under Fulbright program for one year; lived on northwest coast of Co. Mayo Ireland for half a year), advocate for the mentally ill.
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