A literature and creative writing teacher for more than 25 years, Marian O’Brien Paul has a PhD in Writing and English Literature. Among her recently published poems are two in Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems, Ed. Jonas Zdanys Lamar U Press, 2015; four in Eastlit <www.eastlit.com/eastlit-journal>, March 2015; two in Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine <http://yjhm.yale.edu&gt;, July 2014; Line 7 in the Gathering Poem (Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 2014 – 50 lines chosen from 8000 submitted by people of Irish descent across the world). Two of her poems will appear in April in Englyn – Journal of Four Line Poetry <englynjournal.blogspot.com>.

Other of her poems can be found in The Midwest Prairie Review (U of Wisc., Madison), 2013; at < http://www.sphericaltabby.com>, and for the WTFrack 2013 project at <http://www.borderbend.org/8/post/2013/08/listen.html&gt;. in the past thirty years her poems appeared in journals, magazines, e-zines, and in Virginia Woolf and the Arts: Selected Papers from the Sixth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (“The Voyage Out: a Poem” 1997).

Her prose story “Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home,” appeared in the October 2015 issue of the Liguorian Magazine.



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